Current collaborators

Graduate students

Omar Al Dajani
Ignacio Arzuaga
Victoire F. Denis du Peage
Hao Kang
Bing Li
Wei Li
Rafael Villamor Lora

Postdoctoral fellow

Stephen Phillip Morgan

Research affiliates

Jean-Paul Dudt
Olga Fink
Claude Indermitte
Violeta M Ivanova

Administrative assistant

Carolyn M. Jundzilo-Comer

Left to right: Dr. S.P. Morgan, Ms. C.M. Jundzilo-Comer, Prof. H.H. Einstein, Mr. I. Arzuaga, Dr. R.L. Sousa. Photo: Dr. V.M. Ivanova.

Graduate alumni

Professor Einstein has supervised and co-supervised dozens of M.I.T. graduate students. To date, research conducted by the Einstein group has led to 151 published theses, including 33 doctoral dissertations.

The M.I.T. Libraries have the complete searchable record of supervised and co-supervised theses. Copies are available for download to M.I.T. affiliates, and via library exchange to the broad academic community.

See also Doctoral Dissertations and Master’s Theses for MIT graduate theses supervised by Professor Einstein.