Herbert H Einstein

Herbert H. Einstein’s group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology conducts research in rock mechanics, engineering geology, and underground construction, spanning a wide range of studies from field measurements to laboratory experiments to numerical and analytical models. Since 1973, this research work has resulted in thirty-three Ph.D. dissertations and over three hundred authored and co-authored professional publications on the mechanical properties of soils and rocks; analysis, design, and project management of underground structures; risk analysis of landslides; and probabilistic methods in rock engineering and engineering geology. Professor Einstein teaches courses in rock mechanics, engineering geology, and underground construction at M.I.T and has also taught many a short course in universities worldwide. For advancing the field of rock mechanics and rock engineering, Herbert H. Einstein received the 2006 Outstanding Contributions to Rock Mechanics award from the American Rock Mechanics Association (top national honor) and the 1999 Müller Lecture award from the International Society for Rock Mechanics (top international honor).